Hotel "Rixos Mriya Yalta"
Villa, Kyiv
"Ramada" Hotel – Lobby bar
"RICCONE" Shop, Donetsk

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About us

Construction and finishing works, design, project development, cost calculation, installation, and consultation.

Building together!

Elit Company
Our company provides all the types of construction and finishing turn-key works without dividing objects into large and small ones. We perform designing, project development, cost calculation, installation, and consultation. The architects of our design studio can create various kinds of design and different variants of material usage. You can get reference from any of the customers listed on the website and see the quality of our work.

Our services


Construction of administration, business, and industrial objects, as well as durable cottages. Interior-design project development and elite finishing of indoor premises.


We strive not only to make our clients’ wishes and demands come true, but also to help optimize construction process and cut costs.

General contractor functions

Performing of major construction and installation activities: preparation of sites, earthwork and stonework, arrangement, installation and many more…