“Elit” Construction Company proved to be a stable, fast-growing organization that performs all the kinds of construction, restoration, and repair works.

We have been working at the Ukrainian construction market since 1996. “Elit” Construction Company is one of the leading construction companies of Ukraine.

We performed projects of various complexity levels, so we have great experience in construction as a general contractor or subcontractor without dividing objects into large and small ones, both in Donetsk and all over Ukraine. Due to using of innovational technologies and up-to-date materials we can provide really comprehensive approach to erection of objects, which is to a large extent innovative for the domestic construction market.

Such an approach allows our construction company to fulfill any architectural projects, even the most complicated ones, as well as erect modern ventilated facades, construct houses, trade centres, and turnkey administration buildings, perform interior furnishing and adjacent territory improvement. Thorough engineering preparation and perfect performance of projects permit to reach the highest quality while constructing. There are a lot of projects fulfilled by “Elit” LLC (monolithic construction, architectural designing, reconstruction of objects with various functions, designing, and building construction).

Any construction company must meet certain requirements of present-day business, sometimes even quite rigid ones. “Elit” Company owes its achievements to its highly qualified staff that is constantly trying to improve its skills, as well as to its clients who make ever higher and higher demands to the quality of construction, repair, and installation works. The combination of these factors allows “Elit” Company to develop dynamically and move to new heights at the market of construction and repair services. But these are not all the capabilities of our company. “Elit” Construction Company is open to all the innovations, and we look into the future with certainty.

Quality of the works performed and individual approach to every client – this is how our creed sounds!